A. Sample
  • Prototype
  • Pattern
  • Sticth
  • Washing
  • Packaging is examined up to the finest details.
B. Production
  • Planning: Pattern, Measure, Shrinkake
  • Modelling:
  • Cutting: Spreading and  Fabric Control
  • Outsource Control: Product Specialist conducts in the moment of the sticthing and after the stages of inspection and reporting in details by checking outsources.
  • Washing: Color and washing details of all products are checked one by one to reach the most perfect product by Product Specialist.
C. Packaging
  • Mounting Buttons and Rivets
  • Cleaning Waist Loops
  • Cleaning Yarns
  • Quality Controlling
  • Ironing
  • Measure
  • Colour
  • Packaging
    quality control processes continue in the finest details.